Google Optimize – Testing and Personalization For All

Today Google announced some exciting news. Next month Google is going start rolling out Google Optimize, a free version of google enterprise-class testing and personalization product, Google Optimize 360.

Companies big and small face the same challenge today. With ever more data flooding in, how do marketers act on all the useful insights they’ve learned? That’s where Optimize comes in.

Optimize makes it easy to test new online experiences for your customers. It’s easy to implement. It’s easy to create more personal experiences. And most importantly, it’s easy to understand and act on the results.

With Optimize you can create and deploy A/B, multivariate or redirect site experiments with our powerful capabilities:

  • Built on Google Analytics. Test what matters. Use your existing Google Analytics goals and metrics to quickly get an experiment up and running.
  • Advanced Statistical Modeling. Optimize will model the real-world performance of your experiments for more accurate results.
  • Sophisticated targeting tools. Deliver the right experience to customers at the right time with advanced experiment targeting.

Google Optimize is easy to use, powerful, and free. Ready to discover better online experiences for your customers?

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