You need to always ensure that your business name stays in your customer’s mind every time. For this, you should display your brand name in front of their eyes and calendar can be the only option.

There are many other promotional items like grocery bags, sippers, key chains, pens etc. but, these things are used once and then forgotten as they are kept inside the wardrobe or kitchen shelf. However, kalendrid can be hanged and are generally kept in places where they can be viewed properly. This helps in promoting brands as every time your customer views it, they take a glance of your brand logo as well.

Here are few tips for printing a calendar –

  • Types of calendar
  • Design
  • Showcase your brand

Types of calendar

There are three kinds of layout that can be given to a calendar

  • Poster size calendar where your images and brand logo come out bold and big.
  • Wall calendar that hangs at the centre of any room and grabs attention every day. If you paint your logo with bright colours then it’s always observed by everyone.
  • Journal calendars can be made attractive and colourful which clients can also use for personal purpose.
  • Card calendars are small and precise as they contain years and dates. Since they don’t take much space therefore, they can be handy for any small room.
  • A magnetic photo frame which can be adjusted on your refrigerator come in different sizes and shapes.


Designs have to be considered in many aspects, whether you want a bright or dull layout. If you want bold and bigger prints then you need to ensure that the images are bright and not untidy. When you decide to make calendar, you should be sure about the number of pages to include. A small calendar cannot be very clumsy and a big calendar shouldn’t have huge numbers or date.

Showcase your brand

You can always make your customers aware about your new products and company by posting their images on every page with months. You need to promote your brand hence, show off your merchandise well.

There are many ways in which you can customize a calendar. You can always approach Abiprint which prints an image on any product. PVC banners to business cards, all are printed with fine logos of brands.  They handle orders from Estonia and other EU countries. Discuss with your team and make a customized calendar that calls out your name loud.