In today’s world, security automation is about more than just technology. It involves people as much as it involves technology, something that not everyone is aware of. In general, this type of automation is new to the public and is not yet a universally understood concept. This is where it becomes necessary to have humans take part in the process.

While technology is reliable in many ways, it doesn’t always take the place of human interaction. Professional security technicians are still needed to oversee the process and ensure nothing goes wrong. Responding to a security incident is not always something that can be done by a computer. Unless or until technology drastically improves technology will not be able to replace humans when it comes to automation.

As of now, the main reason that humans must remain a part of the process is that they are needed to ensure that a company’s network complies with the statutes of today and those of the future. In the event a security breach takes place, a professional is needed to evaluate its impact on a business’s current and future operations. Depending on the details of a particular security breach, those it affects must be notified of it within a set time period. This requires human interaction to get the job done the way it is supposed to be. It is important that the technology professionals tasked with these interactions have the proper training to be able to identify with protocols may have been breached.

Another compelling reason is that humans are needed to control the most important aspects of exerting control over the process used to respond to security breaches. In the process of creating a response plan for a security breach, a technology professional must be the one to determine what tasks a computer can and can’t complete correctly. They must also assess risk potential within their business’s network.

It is also the job of tech professionals to evaluate how likely it is that an insider will breach network security. They can also devise a plan for ensuring that all of a business’s employees are fully aware of security protocols. The knowledge that tech professionals possess leaves them with an intuition that computers could never replace.

Ultimately it is up to humans to determine which automation procedures can be done by computer and which need to be overseen by a tech. Any business that needs assistance automating their security networks is urged to use CyberBit.